Enabling 53-Week Planning

In Financials, if you are planning at the weekly level in a 12-month calendar application, you can incrementally enable an option to support a 53-week calendar.

You can’t disable this feature once it’s enabled.

To enable 53-week planning, in Financials - Enable Features:

  1. Select Weekly if it's not already enabled, and then select 53 Weeks.
  2. Specify options that determine in which month and year the 53rd week falls. Usually the 53rd week occurs every fourth or fifth calendar year.

    • Weeks to Months Mapping. If you haven't previously set up weekly planning, specify how to map weeks to months, based on the number of fiscal weeks in a month: 4-4-5, 4-5-4, or 5-4-4. The application treats quarterly values as if they were divided into 13 weeks and distributes weeks according to the selected pattern. For example, if you select 5-4-4, the first month in a quarter has five weeks, and the last two months in the quarter have four weeks. You can't later change the distribution method.
    • Fiscal Year in the Model Ends On—Define the end of the fiscal year by selecting the Day of the Week, and whether the end of the fiscal year is Last Occurring in the Fiscal Year or Closest to the Last Day of the Fiscal Year.
    • Add Extra Week to Fiscal Period—Select which month should have the 53rd week.

After enabling weekly planning and 53-week planning, use the Planning and Forecast Preparation configuration task to configure your Plan, Forecast, or Rolling Forecast for weekly, monthly, or yearly planning.

When you enable 53-week planning:

  • In Planning and Forecast Preparation, on the Plan and Forecast tabs, a 53rd week is added to the Current Week list in the year and period determined by your selections when you enabled 53 weeks.
  • In Planning and Forecast Preparation, on the Rolling Forecast tab (if you are using rolling forecast), the Rolling Forecast Range is updated to include Week 53 in ranges that include it.
  • A 53rd week (OEP_W53) is added to the Weekly hierarchy in the Period dimension.

  • Valid combinations are updated so that the 53rd week is valid only in years that include it.

  • The substitution variables for weekly range are updated to include a 53rd week based on selections in Planning and Forecast Preparation. (OEP_WeeklyFCSTRange, OEP_WeeklyPlanRange, OEP_WeeklyRange, OEP_WeeklyRFRange, OEP_WeeklyYr2Range)

  • The following rules are updated to account for a 53rd week:

    • Convert to Weekly Data

    • Convert from Weekly Data

    • Convert to Weekly Data in Form

    • Convert from Weekly Data in Form

  • Forms are updated so that years in which the 53rd week appear include Week 53.