Financials Rules

Run rules to calculate values in the application. From the Home page, click Rules.


To see only Financials rules, click All Cubes next to the Filter, and from the Cube list select OEP_FS.

Financials rules:

  • Batch Trend Based Calculation—Calculates trend and percent increase or decrease for multiple accounts across multiple entities for a given year.
    • Run the Batch Trend Based Calculation rule for only one year at a time for any trend type. Don’t run it for multiple years at a time.
    • The Batch Trend Based Calculation rule calculates based on the Planning/Forecast range for the year. If a particular year’s planning basis is weekly and certain entities are excluded from weekly planning, when the rule is executed, the trend and the optional % increase or decrease is not calculated for these entities.
  • Calculate Actuals—Calculates drivers and aggregates data. Run this rule to ensure that you're working with the latest figures and calculations.

  • Calculate Cash Flow—Used for Cash Flow Direct only. Calculates Cash based on the sources and uses of cash.

  • Prepare Forecast—Copies selected months of Actual results to the Forecast scenario and recalculates drivers and trends based on the new periods of actual results. You can also use this rule when rolling over to a new year as the starting point for a forecast.

    Before copying actuals to Forecast, the rule first clears and then copies data to the prior Forecast version, then clears the Forecast scenario Working version, and then copies actuals to Forecast and recalculates.

  • Prepare Plan—Calculates Plan based on the trends and drivers set up in the application. Use this to either create or update a plan or use this as a starting point for rolling over to a new year.

  • Prepare Rolling Forecast—Similar to Prepare Forecast; use when the Rolling Forecast feature is enabled.

  • Trend Based Calculation / Rolling Trend Based Calc—Rules are run on save for driver and trend forms to calculate accounts based on the selected trend. Rolling Trend Based Calc is available only if Rolling Forecast is enabled.

  • Rollup—Roll up values for any scenario (actual, plan, forecast or rolling forecast). Run this rule when you want to see values at the top of the dimension hierarchy.
  • Rollup Project Integration Data / Clear Project Integration Data—Use when integrating Financials with Projects. The integration between Financials and Projects is designed to move data at the aggregate level from Projects. If you want to see data at the project level, you can customize the rule.

For additional rules that are added when you enable Budget Revisions, see Financials Rules for Budget Revisions.