Enabling Project Expense

You can plan expenses for all project types.

Select Expense if you want to plan expense associated with projects, and then select an expense planning method:

  • Driver Based—Users enter drivers for expense calculations.

    When you do driver-based planning, expense is calculated using the predefined formulas, using standard rates and the expense drivers you enter.

    You can enable several expense driver types:

    • Labor—Allows planners to calculate a variety of labor related costs, set start and end dates, plan the FTEs, and so on. You can also select additional options:

      • Integration from Workforce—Brings in the labor codes from Workforce and rates for the codes.

      • Employee—Allows for planning at the named employee level rather at the job level. Used for tracking employee utilization.

    • Equipment—Allows planners to plan the equipment expenses for a project, including the start and end date, number of units, and so on. You can also select Integration from Capital to bring in capital assets and allocate them to projects.

    • Material—Allows planners to plan the material expenses for a project. For example, a construction project would require lumber, concrete, and rebar.

  • Direct Input—Allows users to enter values directly in planning forms.

    When you use direct entry, no predefined calculations are used.