Entering Global Project Rates

Enter global project assumptions for standard rates that drive revenue and expense calculations, such as overhead, working days and hours, and labor and equipment rates. Planners can override these values for a project if the project is set up with Override Standard Labor Rates, Override Standard Equipment Rates, or Override Standard Materials Rates set to Yes.

To enter global project assumptions:

  1. Click Global Assumptions.
  2. Select the horizontal tab for the global assumptions you want to enter and then enter assumption details.
    • Standard Rates—Specify rates for equipment, labor, and materials.

    • Overhead—Specify overhead for different accounts. For example, you can plan the overhead rate for Engineering or Manufacturing, or allocate a Facilities overhead.

    • Discount rate—Specify the discount rate per year; used in NPV calculations.

    • Standard Rates for Labor—Specify rates for different jobs.
    • Working Days and Hours—Specify the working days and hours in a month; it can vary by entity. For example, you can set different working days and hours for different regions or for different departments.

The forms that are loaded are based on the features and integration you’ve enabled.