Associating Data Maps with a Model

When the source of a data map is a model, you can associate the data map with the model and specify that the data map should run when you check in the model.

  1. From the Home page, click Strategic Modeling Strategic Modeling icon and then click Model View Model View icon.
  2. From the Action Actions icon menu next to the model you want to associate a data map with, click Properties, and then click Data Maps.
  3. From the Available Data Maps list, click the data map that you want to associate with the model and then click Associate Data Map arrow icon to move the data map to the Associated Data Maps list.

    Any data maps that have this model as a source or that have this model in the source section of the detailed mapping for the model are listed.


    You can also drag and drop the data map to the Associated Data Maps list. You can associate multiple data maps with a model.

  4. To run the data map when the model is checked in, select Run on Check-In.

  5. Click Apply.

You can also delete a data map association with a model.