Pushing Data Between Strategic Modeling and Planning

You can push data between Strategic Modeling and Planning in two ways:

  • Data Maps and Smart Push—Provides an easy-to use interface that automatically maps same-named dimensions and members and allows you to define the mapping between other dimensions and members. You can define complex mappings to or from a single dimension to or from multiple dimensions. The feature also provides a Microsoft Excel template to further simplify setting up detailed mappings and import them using a familiar interface. Using Data maps and Smart Push works for most use cases. See Pushing Data Between Strategic Modeling and Planning Using Data Maps.
  • Groovy Rules—Provides a powerful rule-based method for creating complex data maps using Groovy scripting language. Use Groovy rules to define complex mappings. For example, you can define a Groovy rule that pulls data from Planning for targeted regions based on the current form, such as only from edited cells. You can also perform calculations on data before pushing it, such as applying a scaling factor. See About Groovy Business Rules and Using Groovy Business Rules with Strategic Modeling.