Setting Up Model Access Permissions

Planning administrators are set up as Strategic Modeling administrators and can set up access permissions that define the type of access users and groups have to models and Strategic Modeling features—global permissions that apply to all models in the application, and permissions for individual models. When you assign access permissions to an individual model, any models nested under that model in the model hierarchy inherit the access permissions from the parent.

If a model is inheriting access permissions (either from the global level or from a parent), as long as you have not made any changes to the individual model's access permissions, it will continue to inherit any changes to access permissions. However, once you modify an individual model's access permissions, it no longer inherits any permission changes from either the global level or the parent (depending on where it inherited permissions from).

Available roles include Modeler, Analyst, Viewer, and No Access. See About Model Access Permissions for more information about these roles. These permissions also apply to models when you work with Strategic Modeling in Oracle Smart View for Office.

Model access details:

  • Planning users (except Administrators) are available in the Users list to assign model access. Note that access permissions in Strategic Modeling are unrelated to those in Planning. You must give users access to Strategic Modeling models even if they have access to the Planning application.

  • When a model is first created, it is set up with Default permissions and Owner permissions. You can't delete these. Any newly added user or group gets the default permissions.

    By default, the Default permissions and new users and groups have the No Access role. If you assign global access, all new models inherit that access.

  • When a user has no access to a model, no model actions or options are available. When a user has no access to a menu item, it doesn't appear on the Actions menu.


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