About One-time Pay Options

Using One-time Pay Options enables you to specify which month an additional earning, benefit, or tax is paid. Your options depend on which Payment Terms you’ve selected for the component.

For example, if a benefit needs to be paid once every six months in February and August, then select Payment Terms as Semiannually (Calendar), One-time Pay as the Payment Frequency, and Second Month in the One-time Pay Options.

Another example: if your Payment Terms is Annually (Fiscal Year), and you select One-time Pay as the Payment Frequency, then the one-time payment occurs once in the fiscal year. For One-time Pay Options, you can then select which month in the fiscal year (first through twelfth) the expense is calculated. If your fiscal year starts in July, and you select the eleventh month, the expense is added in May.

You access these options in the Benefits and Taxes Wizard on the Details page for the component.