After Configuring Using the Wizard

After configuring Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes using the wizard, perform these tasks:

  • Assign defaults for Salary, Additional Earnings, Benefits, and Taxes. See Setting Defaults.

  • Assign defaults for Salary Grades for New Hires.

  • To assign the defaults to employees (in Employee only or Employee and Job granularity) and jobs (in Job only granularity), run the Synchronize Defaults rule. This rule is applied to both new hires and existing employees or jobs.

    To run the rule for a single employee or job or an employee-job combination, in the form, select that row and then click Actions, and then Synchronize Defaults. Click Compensation Planning, then Manage Employees, and then Existing Employees. To run the rule for a parent level employee/job, click Actions, then Business Rules, and then Synchronize Defaults.