Applying Rates by Hierarchy

You can apply the same rates and thresholds to members within a section of the Entity hierarchy by using the Copy Rates Across Entities rule. Using this rule saves you from having to manually enter or import rate data.

The Copy Rates Across Entities rule is especially useful when a number of entities use the same rates and thresholds for additional earnings, benefits, or taxes. On the Rates page, you can copy component rates and thresholds from one entity to another section of the hierarchy by running this rule from the Actions menu. In the Member Selector, select the source level 0 Entity member whose rate you want to copy and the target parent or level 0 member to copy the rate to.

For example, you can enter rate data for a benefit for France and then use Copy Rates Across Entities to copy the benefit rate using relationship functions to all level 0 descendants of Total Europe and level 0 descendants of Total Nordic.