Accessibility for Financial Reporting

Table 6-1 Accessibility for Financial Reporting

Key Action
CTRL+F6, followed by Tab To select a report in books and batches, if the focus is on the whole list.
Enter To show a report, if the report is selected in the list.
Member Selection
Arrow keys Navigate through open members, if the focus is on option.
Enter To open or close tree node, if the focus is on the +/- sign or an open/close folder image.
Tab Navigate through dimension buttons, if focus is on whole POV bar.
Enter Used to launch member selection dialog.
Import Financial Reporting Documents Dialog Box In the Import dialog, when the focus is on a frame, press Ctrl+F6 to enter a frame, then press Tab to select the first focusable item.
Ctrl+B Access the area that displays annotation information associated with the report.
Ctrl+Shift+2 Setting to adjust the size of the annotation pane and content area. Hiding the annotation pane provides a larger content frame in which to use . Select View, then View Annotations to hide/display the Annotation pane.