Copying Versions of Data

Copy Versions is a handy feature administrators can use to copy data from one version to another version.

For example, use Copy Versions when you want to:

  • Quickly create a starting point for a new version of a plan.

  • Work with multiple versions of data.

  • Create a copy of your data for your records and future analysis. For example, you can compare the baseline version again future versions of data.

  • Start a new Approvals cycle based on updated data that reflect new business assumptions. For example, you want to copy some of the data in a Worst Case version to a Best Case version. Similarly, you can create a starting point for subsequent versions. For example, copy your First Pass version to a Second Pass version, and then make your changes to it.

Copy Versions copies the data you select from one bottom-up or target version of a selected scenario to another bottom-up or target version within the same scenario.


  • The Copy Versions functionality isn't available to Power Users and Users. Only Service Administrators can use Copy Versions.

  • Copying a version does not copy data to approved approval units.

To copy a version:

  1. Click Navigator on the Home page.
  2. Under Actions, click Copy Versions.
  3. Select the scenario to copy.
  4. In Copy From, select the source version to copy data from.
  5. In Copy To, select the target version to copy data to.
  6. Click Go icon.
  7. Use the arrows to move entities from Available Entities to Selected Entities.

    To copy data successfully, you must select at least one member for the Scenario, Account, Entity, and Version dimensions. Available Entities displays the entities (approval units) that you have write permission to and that belong to you. You can copy entities with an Approvals status of Not Started or First Pass.

  8. Optional:
    • Click Copy Comments.

    • Click Copy Attachments.

    • Click Copy Supporting Detail.

  9. Click Copy Data.


Wait until Copy Versions completes before you start something else.