Creating a Standard Application

A Standard application is an advanced application with two cubes and the option to add more cubes. Complex business logic, such as business rules and allocations, is supported. You can't convert a Standard application into a Reporting application.

A Standard application:

  • Allows you to add additional dimensions

  • Enables sandboxes for the block storage cubes that are created when you create the application. (You can also enable sandboxes for custom cubes when you create the cube.)

  • Supports custom calendars (up to weeks of the month)

  • Supports business rules

  • Allows member formulas

  • Can't be converted into a Reporting application

  • Can be converted into an Enterprise application


    To convert a Standard application into an Enterprise application, see Converting a Standard or Reporting Application to an Enterprise Application.

To create a Standard application:

  1. Click Standard.
  2. Click New.
  3. Name your application and enter a description.


    Ensure that you adhere to the application naming restrictions outlined in Naming Restrictions.

  4. The application provides setup options that you can select to help you create the initial framework for your planning process. For descriptions of the setup options, see Choosing Setup Options.
  5. Review the summary screen, and, if the selections you made are correct, click Create.

After you create a Standard application, populate it by performing these steps: