Creating and Assigning Values to Substitution Variables

To create a substitution variable and assign values to it:

  1. From the Home page, click Tools, and then click Variables.
  2. Select the Substitution Variables tab.
  3. Click Add icon.
    A new variable is added to the bottom of the list.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list, click the down arrow next to the Cube name for the newly added variable, and then select the cube.
  5. For Name, enter the name of the substitution variable (up to 80 characters).
  6. For Value, enter a value for the substitution variable (up to 255 characters).


    • You can specify a range of values when defining substitution variables; for example, FY16:FY18.

      You can define a substitution variable range for base members and parent members. For base members, you can use a single colon (:) or a double colon (::) as delimiters; for example, SunEnT 110::111. However for parent members, you can only use a single colon (:).

    • If the substitution variable will be used in data export job definitions for block storage cubes and the member name is numeric only, the member name must be placed in double quotation marks in the Value field; for example, "1100" or "000". The double quotation marks aren't necessary for alphanumeric member names; for example, a1110. However if this variable will be selected in data export job definitions for aggregate storage cubes, you can't place the member name in double quotation marks in the Value field. Therefore if you need to use the same member name in substitution variables for data export jobs defined for both types of cubes, you must define two different substitution variables; one with quotes and one without

  7. Click Save.