Creating Data Maps

To create a data map that maps a Planning application to a reporting application:

  1. Create the reporting application.

    For information on cubes, see Managing Cubes. For information on adding members, see Editing Dimensions in the Simplified Dimension Editor.

  2. Click Application, then Data Exchange, and then click Data Maps.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Enter a name and description for the data map.
  5. Make your Source and Target selections as follows:
    • Under Source, select a cube from the available cubes for the current application.

    • Under Target, select an application and a cube from the available applications and cubes for the target reporting application.

    The current mappings for the selected source and target cubes are displayed under Source and Target, and any unmapped dimensions are displayed under Unmapped Dimensions.


    If you are creating a data map to push data between Strategic Modeling and Planning, you see additional Source and Target options:

    • For Source, Select Model and Select Consolidation

    • For Target, Select Model

    If you don’t see your Strategic Modeling model in the list, from the Actions menu, select Synchronize.

    See Pushing Data Between Strategic Modeling and Planning Using Data Maps in Administering Planning Modules .

  6. Optional. Change the current mappings and map any unmapped dimensions.

    To change the current mappings, see Changing Mapping Information.

    To map unmapped dimensions, see Mapping Unmapped Dimensions.

  7. Define data map options.
  8. Click Save and Close.

    The new data map is added to the end of the data maps list.