Customizing Your Display

Change the theme of your display or add your company logo or a background image to the Home page.

On the Appearance page, you can change the general look and feel of your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environment. The Theme setting enables you to choose from a list of predefined themes with different background colors, icon styles, and so on. You can also add a branding logo and background images to the Home page.

To customize your display:

  1. Click Tools, and then click Appearance.
  2. Specify a logo or background image or select another theme.

    Note the following:

    • You can't edit or delete predefined themes or create custom themes.

    • Both the logo and background image can be customized. Any logo image smaller than 125px wide and 25px high can fit without scaling. For large image logos, Oracle recommends that you maintain a 5:1 ratio so the image is scaled without distortion.

      The default size for the background image is 1024x768. You can use a larger background image, however the image is scaled to fit the resolution setting of your display and the image is centered horizontally. If you want your background image to fit both a browser and a mobile device, Oracle recommends that you size the image so that it fits your biggest screen (or highest resolution device).

    • The logo and background image files must be accessible by URL. Importing image files isn't supported.

    • When switching to a new theme, customers using a custom background image might need to ensure that the color contrast for icons and labels is appropriate. To remedy, consider choosing a different theme or a suitable background.