Data Maps and Substitution Variables

When mapping an application that contains substitution variables, note:

  • Substitution variables are checked when you move data, not while data maps are defined.

  • The member selector displays the substitution variables that were defined for the Planning application.

  • For dimension-to-dimension mappings:

    • For the Planning application, the variable name that is selected or typed is passed and evaluated when you move data.

    • For the reporting application, the variable name is evaluated against the Planning application, and then the value is used when you choose to clear data in a Push Data operation.

  • For unmapped dimensions, for the reporting application, the member selector displays the substitution variables defined only for the reporting application. It's evaluated against the reporting application, and the evaluated value is validated against the respective reporting dimension for the single member and no member function.

  • If metadata in a reporting application has been modified, click Synchronize before editing or moving data to synchronize reporting dimensions and members with Planning. For example, if a dimension or member was added to a reporting application, clicking Synchronize makes the member visible in Planning. Synchronizing changes from reporting application metadata may cause mappings to become invalid.