Editing Dimension Properties in the Simplified Dimension Editor

To access the properties of a dimension in the Simplified dimension editor:

  1. From the Home page, click Application, and then click Overview.

  2. Click the Dimensions tab, and then click the name of the dimension for which you want to view dimension properties.

  3. Click the Edit Dimension Properties tab.

Dimension properties must conform to guidelines listed in Naming Restrictions.

Table 8-6 Dimension Properties

Property Value


Enter a name that is unique across all dimensions.


Optional: Enter a description.

Alias Table and Alias

Optional: Select an alias table. Enter an alternate name for the dimension. See Administering Alias Tables.


Select the cubes for which the dimension is enabled. Clearing this option disables all members of the dimension for the deselected cube.

Two Pass Calculation

Recalculate values of members based on values of parent members or other members. Available for Account and Entity members with Dynamic Calc or Dynamic Calc and Store properties.

Apply Security

Allow security to be set on the dimension members; must be selected before assigning access rights to dimension members. Otherwise, dimensions have no security and users can access members without restriction. See Assigning Access to Dimension Members.

Data Storage

Select a data storage option. The default is Never Share.

  • Store—Stores data values of members.

  • Dynamic Calc and Store—Calculates data values of members, and stores values.

  • Dynamic Calc—Calculates data values of members, and disregards the values.

  • Never Share—Prohibits members in the same dimension from sharing data values.

  • Label Only—Has no data associated with the member.

  • Shared—Allows members in the same dimension to share data values.

See Storage Options.

Display Option

Set application default display options for the Member Selection dialog box. Select Member Name or Alias to display members or aliases. Member Name:Alias displays members on the left and aliases on the right. Alias:Member Name displays aliases on the left and members on the right.

Hierarchy Type

Available for dimensions bound to an aggregate storage cube. Aggregate storage dimensions are automatically enabled to support multiple hierarchies. The first hierarchy in a multiple hierarchy dimension must be Stored.

For members with a Stored hierarchy type, the only valid cube aggregation options are Addition or Ignore. In a stored hierarchy, the first member must be set to Addition. For members with a Dynamic hierarchy type, all cube aggregation options are valid. Stored hierarchy members that are not children of Label Only members must have Addition set as the consolidation operator. Children of Label Only members can be set to Ignore.

Custom Attributes

Click to Create or Synchronize custom attributes for a dimension.