Setting the Daily Maintenance Process Start Time

Understand how to determine and set the most convenient time to start the hour-long daily maintenance process.

A business process instance requires one hour every day to perform routine maintenance. Service Administrators can select (and change) the most convenient time to start the hour-long daily maintenance process. In addition to routine maintenance, Oracle applies required patches to the business process instance during the maintenance process.

Because the business process instance isn't available to users during the maintenance process, the Service Administrator should identify a one-hour period when no one uses the business process. Any connected user will be logged off and will lose unsaved data.

The default maintenance start time is midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you don't reset the default start time for your instance, Oracle resets it to a random time between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. PST to reduce the business process maintenance duration.


If you really want the maintenance time to start at midnight PST, you should select it using this procedure. In such cases, Oracle will not change your selection.

To manage the automated maintenance window:

  1. Access a business process instance.
  2. Tap or click Tools and then Daily Maintenance.
  3. In Start Time, select the time at which the daily maintenance process should start. Also, select your time zone from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Apply.


There is a system setting called Export EPM Cloud Smart List textual data during daily maintenance for incremental data import that, depending on if this setting is enabled, could impact the duration of the export. For more information and for recommendations about using this setting, see the following topics: