Naming Restrictions for Applications and Databases

When naming an application, follow these rules:

  • Use no more than eight characters for an application's name.

  • Don't use spaces.

  • Don't use these special characters:

    • asterisks

    • backslashes

    • brackets

    • colons

    • commas

    • equal signs

    • greater than signs

    • less than signs

    • periods

    • plus signs

    • question marks

    • quotation marks (double and single)

    • semicolons

    • slashes

    • tabs

    • vertical bars

  • For application names in relational database environments, don't use extended characters (except for underscores).

  • For aggregate storage databases, don't use DEFAULT, LOG, METADATA, or TEMP as application names.

Enter names in the preferred case. Application names are created exactly as entered.