Specifying a Default Alias Table and Setting Member and Alias Display Options

If you create alias tables with aliases for Account, Currency, Entity, Scenario, Period, Version, Years, and user-defined dimensions and members, you can select a default alias table for the application. Users can set preferences for which set of aliases (stored in an alias table) to use for displaying member and dimension names.

To select the application’s default alias table:

  1. From the Home page, click Application, and then click Settings.
  2. For Alias Table, select an alias table.
  3. For Display Member Label as, select the option that enables the kind of member data to be displayed in the member selector throughout the application:
    • Default—The data determined by the form, grid, or dimension settings

    • Member Name —Just member names

    • Alias—Just member aliases, if defined

    • Member Name:Alias—Names followed by aliases, if defined

    • Alias:Member Name—Alias, if defined, followed by the names

  4. Click Save or Reset.