Using Groovy Rules

Create rules written in the Groovy scripting language that solve use cases that normal business rules can't solve.

Table 24-26 Where Can I Learn More About Groovy Rules?

Your Goal Learn More
Learn the benefits of Groovy rules. About Groovy Business Rules
View examples of business scenarios where Groovy business rules might be used. Groovy Rule Business Scenarios
Watch videos and complete hands-on tutorials that teach best practices when implementing and using Groovy rules.
Create Groovy business rules and a Groovy template using Calculation Manager.
Connect to the Java APIs used for creating Groovy rules and view example Groovy scripts.
Edit the script for a Groovy business rule or template using Calculation Manager. Editing the Script For a Groovy Business Rule or Template
Secure Groovy templates for authorized users. Assigning Access to Groovy Templates