Working with Member Formulas

You can define member formulas to combine operators, calculation functions, dimension and member names, and numeric constants to perform calculations on members. Member formulas can also include:

  • Operator type, function, value, member name, UDA, and so on allowed in formulas.

  • Predefined formula expressions, including Smart List values, that expand into a formula or value upon database refresh.

To define member formulas:

  1. Click the Navigator icon Navigator icon, and then under Create and Manage, click Dimensions.
  2. Select the dimension for whose member to add or change a formula.
  3. Select the member and click Edit.
  4. Select the Member Formula tab.
  5. Select options for the following fields:
    • Cube


      With the exception of Account formulas, a formula entered for the default cube will be applied to all cubes unless it's overridden by a different formula entered for a specific cube.

      Also, a default formula on Account members will only be transferred to Essbase for the source cube and not for any of the other cubes. A default formula won't be transferred to any aggregate storage cubes.

    • Data Storage—Select a data storage option. The default is Store.


      The cube specific data storage field will not display the Shared or Label Only options. This is because a member can't be set to Shared or Label Only in one cube and not another.

    • Solve Order—Specifies the order in which formulas are evaluated. Enter a whole number between 0 and 100000 (or use arrows to increase or decrease the number). The formulas for members that have a specified solve order are calculated in order from the lowest solve order to the highest. The default is 0.


      Solve order is available for aggregate storage cubes and also for block storage cubes that are enabled for Hybrid. Solve order for block storage cubes is only editable using the Simplified dimension editor. See Accessing Edit Member Properties.

  6. In the text box, define formulas for the member.
  7. Optional: To check the validity of the member formula, click Validate.
  8. Click Save.

    Before you click Save, clicking Reset restores the previous member formula information.