Setting Up Email for Notifications

You can set which activities you want to be notified of by email when there's a change in task lists, approvals, and the jobs.

Task Manager notifications are sent to users as a batch the day after the event that triggers the notification. See also, Enabling Email Notifications in Task Manager in Administering Planning.

A new user inherits the default email notification settings defined by the Service Administrator. This includes settings for late notifications, status change notifications, and due date reminder notifications. If the Service Administrator has allowed users to define their own email notification settings, any user can do one of the following:

  • Continue to use the default settings defined by the Service Administrator by selecting Use Administrator’s Settings. Any updates that the Service Administrator subsequently makes to email notifications settings will be reflected in the user’s settings.
  • Customize their email notification settings by using Notify Me for one or more settings. If the user does not set a value for one or more settings, those settings will continue to use the default values set by the Service Administrator.


If the Service Administrator has disallowed users to customize their notification settings, then Use Administrator’s Settings is disabled.

Disabled Settings

Notifications are sent in these circumstances:

  • Late Notification—A late notification is sent to users the day after the due date of the task.

  • Status Change Notification—A notification that the task is ready to be worked on is sent when the task status changes.

  • Due Date Reminder Notification—A reminder is sent to users a specified number of days before the due date of the task.

To deactivate a notification, clear the Notifications check boxes, and under Notify Me, select Never.

To set up and enable email notifications:

  1. On the Home page, click Tools, and then User Preferences.
  2. Click Notifications.
    User Preferences Notifications
  3. Optional: If you are a Service Administrator, select Use Administrator's Settings to prevent any user customizations to the email notification settings. If the Service Administrator selects this checkbox then all the user preference settings will get overwritten by the administrator’s settings, that is, the user will inherit the preferences set by the administrator.
  4. For Email Address, enter your email address.
  5. Under Notifications, select the application updates for which you want notifications:
    • Task Lists
    • Approvals
    • Job Console
  6. Select an Email Start Time and Email End Time.
  7. For a Notification Type, select an option for Notify Me:
    • Immediately


      If you set Notify Me to Immediately, the email notifications are sent immediately even when it is outside of the user's email start/end time.

    • Once a day
    • Every 2 hours
    • Every 3 hours
    • Every 4 hours
    • Every 6 hours
    • Mixed
    • Never—Select this option to deactivate a notification. Note that this option is only applicable for Status Change Notification and Due Date Reminder Notification. For Late Notification, only the following notification types get this option:
      • You are the task owner and task assignee is late

      • You are the task owner and task approver is late

  8. Click Save.