Setting Your Printing Preferences

You can set your preferences for how forms and their data are printed as PDF files.

When designing a form, your administrator sets the form's printing options, for example, whether to include Supporting Detail. You can accept these default settings or set your own preferences for printing PDF files.


To print to a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

  1. On the Home page, click Tools Tools icon on Home page, and then User Preferences icon for User Preferences.

  2. Click Form Printing.

  3. Under Page Settings, set your preferences for paper size, layout, fit, and flow. You can also select whether to print in black and white.

  4. Under Options, set whether to apply:
    • Formatting
    • Precision
    • Supporting Detail. If you include Supporting Detail, specify how to print it:
      • Normal Order: Print Supporting Detail in the same order as on the Supporting Detail page, with the parent on top.

      • Reverse Order: Print Supporting Detail in reverse order, with the parent on the bottom.

    • Comments (text notes associated with cells)
    • Attribute members, if they're selected in the form
    • Currency codes, if the form supports multiple currencies per entity
    • The form name

    • Repeated row and column headers across pages

    • The POV/Page

    • Grid lines

    • A footer

  5. Click Save.