Using Your Own Excel Formulas in Planning

In Smart View ad hoc analysis, you can create your own Excel formulas and members that calculate instantly without affecting other data. You can then open this Smart Form in Planning and execute the calculations that you created in Smart View.

For example, say you're analyzing Planning data in Smart View, which is the Microsoft Office interface to Planning. You want to calculate the average profit margin for four products. You can add a row called "Average Profit Margin" to the grid, and then create a formula on the four rows listing the products' profit margins. Select the four rows. Then, in the new "Average Profit Margin" row, add the Excel formula =AVERAGE(D5:D8). The average profit margin is instantly displayed in the new row, but the new row is saved only in this Smart Form, and not the rest of Planning.

To make this customized ad hoc grid available in Planning, when you save it, select the option Save as a Smart Form. Then you can open and use this customized Smart Form, including the rows, columns, and calculations that you added, in Planning (see Opening Forms). You can even create a sandbox from a Smart Form (see Keeping Your Work Private with Sandboxes).

To learn more, see Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide .


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