Why Cells May Be Read-Only

Learn why you can't change data in some cells.

Grayish blue cells in a data form indicate that you can see, but not change, their values. They are read-only.

To find out why a cell is read-only:

  1. Refresh the grid to load the reasons why cells are read-only by clicking Actions, and then Show Reasons for Read-Only Cells.
  2. Put the cursor in a read-only cell, right-click, and then select View Reasons for Read-Only Cell.

    Reasons why a cell may be read-only:

    Table 5-1 Reasons Why a Cell May Be Read-Only

    Reason Given Explanation
    Not Found or No Access Either:
    • You don't have access to the data because the administrator has set the Apply Security property, but hasn't granted you Write access permissions to every dimension member of the data intersection. Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for Administrators describes how the administrator grants global roles, and Administering Planning describes how the administrator assigns permissions to Planning artifacts.
    • The cell is read-only because the member isn't found. For example, maybe the member isn't valid for the form's cube or maybe there's a typo in the member name.
    Approvals Security The cell is part of an approval unit that you've submitted or promoted. You can't change the data until you become the owner again. See Getting Plans Approved.
    Upper Level Bottom Up Cell The cell is an upper level in a form that is based on a bottom up version. With bottom up versions, you enter data only into bottom level members. See Target and Bottom Up Versions in Administering Planning .
    Invalid Intersection The cell is invalid according to the valid intersection definition. See Understanding Valid Intersections in Administering Planning .
    Cell-Level Security The cell is secured according to a cell-level security definition. See olink:PFUSA-GUID-CC49334C-26D0-4920-BD49-3ED8A04BA571 in Administering Planning .
    Read Only Form The form is read-only. See Assigning Permissions to Artifacts, Rules, and Folders in Administering Planning .
    Formula Cell The cell has a member formula. See Viewing Member Formulas and Working with Member Formulas in Administering Planning .
    Invalid Scenario Time Period Range The cell is outside the range defined for the scenario time period. See About Scenarios in Administering Planning .
    Supporting Detail Cell The cell has Supporting Detail. See Working with Supporting Detail.
    Account Source Cube The source cube of the account is not the same as the form’s cube.
    Read-Only Ad Hoc User Role You're assigned the role Read-only Ad Hoc User, so you can't change data in the form.
    Non Local Currency Member The currency for the cell member isn't an input currency. You can enter or change data only into input currencies. See About Simplified Multicurrency in Administering Planning .
    Archive Mode The application's database is being archived, which temporarily prevents users from entering or changing data.
    Attribute, Dynamic Calc, or Label Only The cell is read-only for a variety of reasons, such as:
    • It's a calculated attribute value.
    • It's dynamically calculated.
    • Its storage type is Label Only.
    • It's an upper-level cell in an Aggregate Storage cube.
    Summary Time Period Ineligible For Spreading Some possible reasons why the data in a summary time period is read-only: The Period doesn't have members that it can spread to or they're locked, for example.
    Read Only Segment The Segment form property is set to read-only.