Reference topics are especially useful if you're new to REST APIs. You can start by reviewing commonly used REST API terms, the different types of REST resources, such as singular and collection resources, and resource URL paths. Explore the following topics:

Topic Description
HTTP Headers List of supported HTTP headers
Job Roles and Privileges Job roles and privileges to access REST resources
Resource Types Parameters and properties of the two types of resources: singular and collection
Status Codes List of standard HTTP response codes
Supported Data Types List of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) resource attribute types
Supported HTTP Methods Methods GET, POST, PATCH, and DELETE and which work with each data type
Supported Media Types List of data formats for HTTP payloads
Terminology List of commonly used terms
URL Paths Variations of REST resource paths across product versions

Accessing the Oracle API Catalog

You can use the API Catalog Cloud Service to search, browse, and practice accessing Oracle REST APIs. The Oracle API Catalog Cloud Service lets you export machine-readable API definitions that implement the OpenAPI 2.0 specification (also known as Swagger 2.0). You can then use OpenAPI tools to generate code stubs from these API definitions. To learn more, see: