Withdraw and Edit a Requisition

This topic describes how to withdraw and edit a requisition.

In this scenario, you want to change the item quantity on an existing requisition in Pending Approval or Approved status. To withdraw and edit the requisition:

  1. From the Navigator, under Procurement, click Purchase Requisitions.

  2. Click Manage Requisitions.

  3. In the Search results section of the Manage Requisitions page, locate the requisition you want to modify and select it.

    To withdraw and edit the requisition, it must be in Pending Approval or Approved status, and not placed on purchase order.

    Note: You can't withdraw and edit a requisition that's placed on a purchase order. Instead you must create a purchase order change order to make changes to the associated purchase order. To do this, select the Edit Order option from the Actions menu.
  4. From the Actions menu, select Withdraw and Edit.

  5. Click Yes on the Warning dialog box.

    The requisition is removed from the approval process, or from Approved status.

  6. On the Edit Requisition page, in the Requisition Lines section, update the quantity for the line you want to change. Notice the Amount is recalculated.

  7. Enter a justification for the change.

  8. Click Submit.

  9. Click OK on the Confirmation dialog box.

  10. On the Manage Requisitions page, notice the Status of the requisition is changed to Pending Approval.

  11. Click the Requisition number to open the document.

  12. On the Requisition page, review the changes you made. You can also check the approval status of the requisition.

  13. Click Done to return to the Manage Requisitions page.