View the Job Library

To view the Job Library:

  1. After you start running a calculation, click Job Library, Job Library button.

    Figure 4-3 The Job Library

    The Job Library contains what is described in the following text in the steps.

    The Job Library lists the following:

    • The Job ID

    • The job Type, Ledger Calculation

    • The job Status, such as Success, or Success With Warnings

    • The Elapsed Time, which continues to increase if the job is still running

    • The Start Date, including time

    • The End Date, including time

    • An optional Comment, any text you entered in the Job Comment box on a calculation screen

  2. Optional: To learn more about what the Job Library contains, click the drop-down username menu at the top of the screen, and then click Help on this topic...

    Click the x on the help tab to close that tab without closing the Job Library.