Historical Context

Provide the following information:

  • User Steps Immediately Preceding Calculation

    Detail the steps taken or the calculation runs just prior to the calculation run that has an issue. Actions that may have an impact on the diagnosis include:

    • Previous calculation run of the same POV to calculate or clear data

    • Method of launching the calculation, UI, or automation

    • Other calculations running at the same time

    • System restarts preceding the calculation run

    • Essbase restarts

    • Metadata deploys

  • Comparison to a Successful Run

    If the application has successfully calculated or performed better in the past, this is a useful fact for diagnosing issues. Comparing a successful calculation run and the supporting documentation to an unsuccessful or poorly performing run is very helpful to investigate calculation issues.

  • Updates or Changes Since the Previous Successful Calculation

    Comparing differences in the application from the point in time where it was working well to the current state can help pinpoint the cause of performance changes or failures

    List all metadata updates, changes in data, and changes in rules to help support narrow down the areas for investigation.