13 Managing Profitability and Cost Management Queries

You can use the Manage Queries task area to create and organize queries against an application database for a variety of purposes. You can use these queries for management reporting, segmented profitability analysis, rule analysis, input data verification, and more. You can find data of interest without having to research the rule definitions or understand the system dimensions that control how calculated and input data is stored.

Queries can be saved and reused. They also can be exported and imported using the lifecycle management features of Profitability and Cost Management.

You can launch some predefined query integrations from the Rule Balancing screen. The launch data points are represented as blue hyperlinks in the Rule Balancing table. You can drill down further on input or allocation data. For example, you could drill down into certain costs after a calculation runs, or to examine input data that was used in the same run.

If any dimensions or dimension members are renamed or deleted, the queries that reference those dimensions become invalid. The query validation screen validates all queries, and displays an error message for any invalid queries.

Only administrators or other users with sufficient security provisioning can create, edit, or delete queries. Most users can run existing queries from the Intelligence panel: