POV Dimensions

A Point of View (POV) dimension is used to present a specific version or perspective of the application.

Each application requires at least one dimension to be designated as a POV dimension. The POV dimensions can be whatever is required for the particular application. The following list represents some common sample POV dimensions: :

  • Period — Enables you to analyze strategies and changes over time. Because an application can be based on any unit of time (quarters, months, annual, years, and so on), you can analyze strategies over time, and monitor inventory or depreciation.

  • Year — Identifies the calendar year in which the data has been gathered

  • Scenario — Identifies a version of the application for a specific time period and set of conditions

Version Dimension

Using a specific POV, you can create a POV version that enables you to maintain separate versions of the same POV to monitor the impact of changes to the application, or track different versions of the same application.

Use the Version dimension for the following tasks:

  • Create multiple iterations of an application, with slight versions

  • Model possible outcomes based on assumptions, or "what-if" scenarios to determine best or worst case scenarios

  • Facilitate target setting

By modifying different elements within the Version dimension, you can examine results of changes, without modifying a original application.