Precise Description of Issue or Failure

This should be a concise description the attempted calculation run, the calculation options selected, and a quick summary of the result. In addition, you should provide:

  • Job Details

    Stating the specific Job Number, Date, and Time of execution in the SR description will assist support in reviewing log files and supporting reports to review the exact point of failure.

  • Error Messages from Job Library

    Copy and paste the specific errors and warnings from the Job Library screen into the text of the SR. If there are several warning messages, you can attach a text file or simply paste only the errors.

  • Rule or Rules with the Observed Issue

    If you have already identified specific rules with an issue, detail these in the SR description by referring to both Rule Name and Rule Number, and include any relevant observations. This helps support to quickly see the same behaviors in the system reports and logs that you observe on your system.