14Project Foundation Configuration: Define Action Controls

This chapter contains the following:

Action Controls: Explained

Action controls control data that's imported from other applications to Project Financial Management applications. An action control prevents you from performing an action in Project Financial Management applications on a record that originated in another application. The action controls aren't applicable in Project Execution Management applications.

Available Action Controls

You can set controls on the following actions:

  • Add Financial Task

  • Delete Financial Task

  • Update Project Dates

  • Update Project Description

  • Update Project Name

  • Update Project Number

  • Update Project Organization

  • Update Project Status

  • Update Financial Task Dates

  • Update Financial Task Description

  • Update Financial Task Name

  • Update Financial Task Number

  • Update Financial Task Organization

For example, consider the following scenario:

  • You imported a project from Microsoft Project.

  • Your business rule states that project and task dates are always maintained in Microsoft Project.

  • To ensure data integrity, you want to prevent projects and tasks that originate in Microsoft Project from being deleted in Project Financial Management applications.

To enforce this rule, you enter the following action controls for the source Microsoft Project:

  • Update Project Dates

  • Update Financial Task Dates

  • Delete Financial Task