Qualified Inspectors REST Endpoints

Qualified Inspectors
The qualified inspectors resource returns a list of time slots, in half hour increments, for a specified date. For each time slot returned, there is one or more qualified inspectors available. To be qualified, the inspector must already be assigned the specified inspection type and district. To be an available time slot, the specified date should not be defined on the holiday calendar, if one exists, and the time slot should be within the time range defined for any inspection calendars for the specified inspection type and district, if any exist. The individual inspector is considered available if the time slot is within the time range(s) defined on his or her assigned work schedule(s). A time slot and its associated inspector can then be used to schedule and assign an inspection with the specified inspection type and district.
Get a qualified available inspector is not supported
Method: get
Path: /fscmRestApi/resources/{publicSectorQualifiedInspectorsUniqID}
Get all qualified available inspectors
Method: get
Path: /fscmRestApi/resources/