12Using the Digital Assistant

Overview of Digital Assistant

Create your own digital assistant from scratch using your Oracle Digital Assistant instance and configure its parameters to suit your requirement before making it available for your users.

Create and add skills to your digital assistant. You can also use the Oracle delivered sample skills and re-configure its parameters, or clone the skill for the digital assistant you create.

Enable your digital assistant to provide generic information about processes or answer specific questions about your offerings, and enlist your own set of frequently asked question with answers.

Asking Details

The delivered digital assistant skills, for example, facilitates responses and recommendations to questions raised by an anonymous user regarding the permitting process:

  • With the PERMIT SEARCH skill, the digital assistant can access information from the Permit implementation and list the permits that match one of the search parameters – Permit Number, Parcel ID, and Street. Users can also review the permit detail page, if they want to look into a permit they just searched.

  • With the PERMIT RECOMMENDATIONS skill, the digital assistant can access information from Oracle Intelligent Advisor and list permit recommendations. The skill prompts the user with questions from the Oracle Intelligent Advisor questionnaire and retrieves a list of recommended permits based on the user’s responses to the questions.

For details on configuring your digital assistant for use, such as intents and the dialog flow, see the documentation Configure for Use in a Digital Assistant.

Asking Questions

Your digital assistant can store a list of questions and answers to be available as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the processes your agency follows.

The content for the FAQs are entered in a spreadsheet and attached to the digital assistant. The Oracle delivered spreadsheet can be updated with information from your knowledge-base.

For details on configuring your digital assistant to add questions and answers, see the documentation on Q&A.