5Setting Up Digital Assistant

Initializing the Digital Assistant

Digital assistants are virtual devices that help users accomplish tasks by conducting conversations using a textual method. Public users can seek general information or ask specific questions through the digital assistant interface. The digital assistant evaluates the user input and responds with the help of appropriate skills.

Skills are individual assistants that are designed to respond to specific types of tasks. Each skill helps users complete a task through a combination of text messages and select lists.

For a detailed understanding of digital assistants and their skills, see the documentation Overview of Digital Assistants and Skills.

Generating the Channel ID

The initial steps in setting up your digital assistant is to access your Oracle Digital Assistant instance and generate your unique channel ID. To generate the channel ID:

  • Create a master digital assistant

  • Add skills such as the delivered samples:

    • Permit Search Skill Bot

    • Permit Recommendations Skill Bot

  • Create an Oracle Web type channel

  • Copy the channel ID

Refer to the documentation Create, Version, and Publish Digital Assistants for the steps to create a digital assistant and to add a skill. Once you create or add an existing skill:

  1. Create a channel of the type Oracle Web using the Create Channel page and then enable the channel for use.

  2. Copy the channel ID value generated in the Channel ID field.

Configuring the Digital Assistant Parameters

You set up your digital assistant based on how you want your users to see the digital assistant interface.

To set up your digital assistant:

  1. Access your Digital Assistant setup page using the navigator.

  2. Enter values for the following fields to determine how the digital assistant interface appears to your users:

    Page Element


    Channel ID

    Enter the value you generated using your master digital assistant, as documented in the Initializing the Digital Assistant section.


    Enter text that should appear in the widget header. For example, Chatbot.

    Text Entry

    Enter a text to indicate to the user where to enter their question. Example, Enter your question here.

    Send Button

    Enter a text to indicate to the user that they should click the button after entering their question. Examples include Ask and Send.

    Custom Options

    Enter custom options to customize the strings used and other behavior in the widget user interface.

  3. Click Save.

For a detailed description on configuring the digital assistant parameters, see the Fusion documentation Personalize your Digital Assistant..