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Audience and Scope

This guide outlines the implementation and configuration steps required to integrate, create, and update processes on service work orders in Oracle Engagement Cloud with activities in Oracle Field Service Cloud. To set up and work with the additional features of Oracle Engagement Cloud, see the Oracle Engagement Cloud documentation on Oracle Help Center at https://docs.oracle.com.

This integration guide is designed to be used as a starting point that shows how Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Field Service Cloud can be connected to create a value-added business process and user experience. An implementor must enter the documented configurations and install the documented files to create the integration.

Each implementation of Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Field Service Cloud is unique, and leads to the implementation of application modifications that support unique business requirements. While the steps in this document describe how to connect a standard Oracle Engagement Cloud instance to a standard Oracle Field Service Cloud instance, they can be combined with modifications that have already been applied to each instance.

Note: With Release 19A (, "Oracle Sales Cloud" has been incorporated within "Oracle Engagement Cloud." Existing Oracle Sales Cloud users will retain access to Oracle Sales Cloud features under their preexisting licensing agreements. Any new users created within your current Oracle Sales Cloud license count will also retain the same access to Oracle Sales Cloud. Users may obtain access to additional Oracle Engagement Cloud features by renewing their subscriptions under the Oracle Engagement Cloud SKU.

This document describes features available to users under both Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Engagement Cloud licensing agreements.

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