This chapter contains the following:

Setup Overview

Enable and configure the two primary ways of searching for data: the global search and the searches in the different work areas. The two types of search serve slightly different purposes:

  • You use the global search, located at the top of the application page, to search across the different types of sales information. For example, a search on a contact name displays the accounts, opportunities, and leads associated with that contact.

    Screenshot of the global search field
  • For a more focused search, you can navigate to the work area of the business object you're looking for and search for it there either by name or by using multiple search criteria.

    Here's a screenshot of the Opportunity work area search fields. You use the Find field to search by name. You use the List field to select saved searches. You can also switch to an advanced search mode to search using multiple search criteria.

    Opportunity work area search fields

Here's the list of the steps to enable the two searches. Since the two searches use different technology, the setups for one don't impact the other. You can open all tasks from the Configure Search folder in your implementation project.

Step Description Task Name Where to Get More Details


Enable work area search and run the required synchronization and search optimization processes.

Using the Schedule Work Area Search Processes task, you enable search and run the processes at the intervals recommended by Oracle with the click of the Submit button.

Schedule Work Area Search Processes

See the topic: Enable Work Area Searches


Enable global search by setting the system profile option FUSION_APPS_SEARCH_ENABLED to Y at the Site level.

Manage Administrator Profile Values

See the topic: Enable Global Search


Deactivate global search on any application objects you don't use. Deactivating objects removes them from the global search UI and preserves system resources.

By default, Oracle enables global search for all searchable objects and schedules these objects to be indexed daily on a staggered schedule.

Manage Search View Objects

See the topic: Deactivate Search on Application Objects You Don't Use

You can configure global search behavior further by following the procedures described in the Oracle Engagement Cloud Implementing Sales guide.

Enable Work Area Searches

Use these steps to activate work area searches and run the required indexing processes at the recommended intervals.

  1. From the implementation project, open the Schedule Work Area Search Processes task. Alternatively, you can open this task from the Setup: Sales page, Sales Foundation functional area, by clicking the Quick Setup (gears) icon.

  2. On the Scheduling Work Area Search Processes page, click Submit.

    Your action does the following:

    • Enables the different work area searches.

    • Runs the Synchronize CRM Search Indexes process every five minutes. This process sets up the search index.

    • Runs the Optimize CRM Search Indexes process weekly. This process keeps the index from getting fragmented.

    Note: If your implementation requires running these processes at different intervals, you must schedule the processes separately using individual tasks available from the Setup: Sales page.
  3. Click Cancel to return to the Implementation project or the Setup: Sales page.

Enable Global Search

Use this procedure to enable global search by setting the Global Search Enabled system profile option:

  1. Open the task Manage Administrator Profile Values from the implementation project. Alternatively, in Setup and Maintenance, go to the following:

    • Offering: Sales

    • Functional Area: Sales Foundation

    • Task: Manage Administrator Profile Values

  2. In the Manage Administrator Profile Values page, search for the system profile option by entering , FUSION_APPS_SEARCH_ENABLED in the Profile Option Code field.

  3. In the Profile Values section, select Yes from the Profile Value list.

  4. Click Save and Close.

  5. You must sign out and sign in again to see the global search box at the top of the page.

Deactivate Global Search on Application Objects You Don't Use

Oracle activates global search on all sales application objects where search is available. Follow these steps to deactivate any objects you aren't using to conserve system resources:

  1. Open the task Manage Search View Objects from the implementation project. Alternatively, in Setup and Maintenance, go to the following:

    • Offering: Sales

    • Functional Area: Sales Foundation

    • Task: Manage Search View Objects

  2. On the Manage Search View Objects page, select the objects you want to remove from search and click Deactivate.

  3. You must click Refresh to see the updated status.

  4. Click Done.