24Service Requests

This chapter contains the following:

Overview of Service Request Management

Service request management functionality lets you manage and deliver a streamlined service in response to service requests. Delivering consistent answers to customer questions helps ensure that service requests are resolved efficiently and effectively.

Service request management lets you:

  • Create service requests

  • Enter summary information into service requests

  • Add products and product groups to service requests

  • Organize service requests into queues

  • Compose and send messages from service requests

  • Add contacts to service requests

  • Add team members to service requests

  • Automatically or manually assign service requests to other users

  • Create activities for service requests

  • Share service request information

  • Associate and view items in the knowledge base

  • Integrate with the partners application to capture and resolve issues reported by your partner accounts

See the Using B2B Service guide for more information about sales user tasks for service requests.

Overview of Service Request User Tasks

You can create and manage service requests once your sales administrator enables the service request offering. To create a service request (SR), select the Service Requests menu from the Navigator page, and on the Service Requests list page, click Create Service Request.

Here are some of the high-level user tasks that you can perform for service request management:

  • Capture service requests

    You can capture new service requests through user data entry, APIs, or file import.

  • Organize and assign service requests

    You can organize and assign service requests to queues either manually or using the Assignment Manager feature. You can also assign service requests to team members through the Assign To field in the service requests UI.

  • Manage the lifecycle of a service request

    A service request typically moves through the statuses: New, Waiting, In Progress, Resolved, and Closed. You can modify the statuses per your requirements if you have sufficient privileges.

See the Oracle CX Service Using B2B Service guide for more information about sales user tasks for service requests.

See the Oracle CX Service Implementing B2B Service guide for more information about service requests setup tasks.