11Business Plans

This chapter contains the following:

Sales representatives and sales managers perform account planning to achieve specific goals. Goals for business plans are represented through objectives.

Access to the business plans is determined by the team membership and resource reporting hierarchy. This means that managers have access to business plans of the sales representatives in their team. In an account business plan, salespeople collaborate to discuss the sales of a specific account and analyze the need of a plan. An account business plans focuses on a specific account, to increase the sales or revenue of that account. With a business plan you can:

  • Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business plan in the context of the account.

  • Add business plan classes to define plans for partner, account, opportunities, and contacts.

  • Collaborate with team members to discuss prospective plans.

  • Enable or disable any of the embedded classes for account and partner business plans.

  • Add team members to work on a business plan to share information, identify objectives, and increase sales per quarter.

  • Create notes while working on a business plan and continue with discussions in the next meeting referring to the notes created.

Make sure that your administrator has enabled the account business plan using Application Composer.

You create a business plan by selecting a type of plan and then adding objectives to it. The type of a business plan helps you to differentiate between business plans. The types you can create are: partner and account.

The procedure to create a business plan is the same for both partner and account. These steps represent a flow for creating an account business plan:

  1. Sign in to the sales application as a sales manager.

  2. Click the Business Plan icon on the home page.

    A list of business plans appears.

  3. Click Create Business Plan.

  4. Enter the name of the plan.

  5. Select an account from the Account drop-down list.

  6. Define the period for the objectives that you want to achieve, in the Period field.

    By default, the current year is displayed. You can change the period to year, quarter, or period.

  7. Select a type from the options Regional and Global.

    The current user is the owner, by default.

  8. Select a status for the plan. Initially, the status is Draft.

  9. Click Save and Continue.

    You automatically navigate to the Edit Business Plan page.

  10. Modify your business plans if required, and click Save and Continue.

  11. Click the SWOT Analysis subtab to analyze the strength and weakness of your business plan.

  12. Click the Activities subtab to add tasks to your plans.

  13. Click Save and Close.

Objectives are the key aspect of a business plan. Salespeople use business plans to achieve objectives to meet the target goals.

To create objectives for a business plan:

  1. Click Create Objective on the Edit Business Plan page.

    The Create Objective page appears.

  2. Enter a name for the business plan.

  3. Select a type from the Type drop-down list.

    Note: You can add a type to the list of options. The type of a business plan determines the unit of measure and the field is automatically populated on selection of a type.
  4. Define the period in which you want to achieve your goals for the business plan.

  5. Enter your target to achieve your objective in the defined period.

  6. Click Save and Close.

    The objective is displayed on the Edit Business Plan page.

  7. If you click Save and Continue, then the Edit Objective page appears.

    You can view the newly created objective and you can add notes, activities, and attachments to the objective.

Split Objectives

You can split an objective to specify how to achieve the objective between partner and account. To split an objective:

  1. Click Split Objective on the Edit Objective page.

    The Split Objective page appears.

  2. Specify how you want to split your objective.

  3. Click Save and Close.

    The split objective appears on the Edit Objective page.

  4. Enter your plan to achieve your set target, in the specified period.

  5. Select Attainment in the Show field.

    The Attainment column appears.

  6. Enter the details for the targets you achieved.

  7. Click Save and Close.

You view the list of business plan objectives on the Edit Business Plan: Summary page, or on a separate subtab named Objectives (depending on how the application is configured). If an objective is listed in the Objectives subtab, you can search for objectives by name. For every objective you must specify the following fields:

Fields Description


Enables you to define dimensions for objectives.


Displays the name of the account.


Specifies the account type. The options are amount and quantity.

Unit of Measure

By default, the measure is determined by the type of account that you select.


Defines the period to achieve the objective.


Specify the amount or quantity to achieve the objective.

The image displays the fields for every objective.