26LinkedIn Sales Naviagtor

This chapter contains the following:

Overview of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales teams acquire new business, expand existing customer relationships, and maximize sales productivity. Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to:

  • Get introduced to buyers through your company's network with TeamLink.

  • Spot new buyers that appear at your target accounts with saved search.

  • Get immediate alerts when a lead engages with your marketing campaigns.

  • Proactively track champions through real-time alerts including role changes.

  • Find distributed buyers at the account with lead search.

  • Connect with warm outreach with a personalized InMail.

To learn more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, visit sales.linkedin.com.

View the LinkedIn profile details of a contact. You can access the information in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator region from these pages:

  • Edit Contact: Profile page for a contact

  • Edit Lead: Summary page for a lead

Use your LinkedIn credentials to sign in to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Note: If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, be sure to add LinkedIn to your list of trusted sites.

Here are the tasks you can do with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Task Description

View Profile

View the complete LinkedIn profile details of a contact or lead.


Request to connect on LinkedIn by sending an invite.

Send Message or Send InMail

Send messages to first-level connections. Alternatively, use an InMail to connect with contacts or leads at other levels.


Explore common interests and conversation starters with the selected contact or lead.

Get Introduced

Request an introduction through a mutual connection.

Match Profile

Associate an accurate profile when LinkedIn suggests multiple profiles that match with a contact or lead. Once associated, you can see the matched LinkedIn profile in your contact or lead records.

Not this person

Use this option if LinkedIn displays profiles that don't belong to the selected contact or lead.

Before you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, your administrator must enable it and you must have Team or Enterprise licenses.

Associate a LinkedIn Record with Contacts or Leads

You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build and nurture sales relationships that increase sales performance. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to associate a LinkedIn record with contacts or leads. The association helps to connect with the relevant people.

To receive information about a new contact or lead, search in LinkedIn with a few basic details such as name or job title. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you get a detailed overview of your contact or lead. Your administrator has to enable the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for you on the contact and lead pages. The steps given here use contacts as an example. Use similar steps to associate a lead with a LinkedIn record.

Here's how to associate a contact with a LinkedIn record.

  1. On your Sales application home page, click Sales > Contacts.

  2. Click Create Contact.

  3. Enter the first name, last name, and job title.

  4. Click Save and Close.

  5. Click to open the newly created contact and expand the LinkedIn region of the Lead and Contact detail page.

  6. Click LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    LinkedIn suggests potential matching profiles.

  7. Select the relevant person.

  8. Click Match.

    You receive a notification saying that the contact is matched to the contact.

  9. Click Save in Sales Navigator to save the association.

How can I add LinkedIn to my list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer?

Here's how you can add LinkedIn to your list of trusted sites.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

  2. Press the Alt key to view the Tools menu.

  3. In the menu, click Tools.

  4. Click Internet Options.

  5. Click the Security tab.

  6. Select Trusted Sites.

  7. Click Sites.

  8. Enter https://*.linkedin.com

  9. Click Add to add the site.

  10. Close Trusted Sites and Internet Options.