15Sales Insights

This chapter contains the following:

Overview of Sales Insights

Sales Insights help provide an objective understanding to salespeople working with accounts, leads, and opportunities. Based on detailed analysis of account interaction and historical exchanges such as sales activities, status, duration, contacts, and so on, salespeople can gain key insights and take appropriate corrective actions on records to further increase their sales pipeline.

Identifying those accounts, leads, and opportunities that are either highly or moderately engaged and by observing certain accounts helps salespeople:

  • Prioritize the next set of actions for records and tasks

  • Improve productivity by moving the sales pipeline along

  • Identify quickly what's wrong with a lead or opportunity and take the necessary corrective action

Here are the UI paths for salespeople to access Sales Insight details:

  • Accounts: Use the Profile tab on the Accounts page

  • Leads: Use the Summary tab on the Edit Lead page

  • Opportunities: Use the Summary tab on the Edit Opportunity page

See the Using Sales guide topics about Sales Insights for more information about salespeople tasks.

Enable Sales Insights

Sales Insights data is mined, evaluated, and analyzed through data analytical and statistical modules. Adaptive Search finds key metrics and calculates standard deviations, averages, and margins to deliver insights. Standard query language programs sort and classify the data so that salespeople have key sales metrics readily available to help them focus on those records that need attention.

If you received a promotion code to activate Sales Insights, follow the steps in this topic to set it up and use it. To get a promotion code, go to the Sales forum on Oracle Customer Connect or raise a service request on My Oracle Support. You enable the feature using the opt-in task.

Note: You need the Configure Oracle Fusion Applications Offering privilege (ASM_CONFIGURE_OFFERING_PRIV) in your user role to enter the promotion code in the application

Once you have the promotion code, here's how you enable Sales Insights:

  1. Click Navigator > My Enterprise > Enterprise work area.

  2. On the Enterprise Information page, click Manage Promotion Code.

  3. On the Manage Promotion Codes page, click Enter Promotion Code.

  4. On the Enter Promotion Code dialog box, enter the promotion code and click Save and Close.

The promotion code you entered appears in the Part Number column on the Manage Promotion Codes page.

If you have permission to configure offerings, then you can use the New Features page to opt in to Sales Insights feature:

  1. Click Navigator > My Enterprise > Offerings work area.

  2. On the Offerings page, select the Sales offering.

  3. Click the Opt In Features button.

  4. Click the edit link (pencil icon) and from the Edit Features page, locate the Sales Insights and select the check box in the Enable column.

  5. On the Opt In page, click Done to save the changes and return to the Offerings page.

Note: To support opt in with custom layouts for the Account, Lead, and Opportunity objects, you must go to Application Composer and click Show in the Sales Insights section for your custom layout object. See the Enable Sales Insights for Custom Layouts section in this topic for more details.

For more information, see the New Feature Opt-In section of the Oracle Applications Cloud - Using Functional Setup Manager guide on the Oracle Help Center (docs.oracle.com).

Enable Sales Insights for Custom Layouts

Here are the steps to display the Sales Insights section for a custom account layout page. You can also follow similar steps to show the Sales Insights section for custom sales lead and opportunity layout pages.

  1. Ensure you're working in an active sandbox.

  2. Click Navigator > Configuration > Application Composer.

  3. In the Objects navigation tree, expand Standard Objects and then expand the object whose pages you want to modify. For example, select the Account object.

    Note: Select the Sales Lead object if you want to display Sales Insights section for the leads UI and select Opportunity object if you want to display Sales Insights section for the opportunities UI.
  4. Click the Pages node.

  5. Ensure that the Application Pages tab is selected for either the account, contact, household, or partner object.

  6. In the Details Page Layouts region, edit the relevant layout.

    If none exists, then duplicate the standard layout using the duplicate layout icon, and edit the resulting layout.

  7. In the Details Layout page for Account, click the Profile tab.

    Note: Click the Summary tab if you're displaying the Sales Insights section for leads and opportunities.
  8. In the Sales Insights region for the selected object, click Show to show the Sales Insights region at runtime.

    Here's an example screen shot for the Account object.

    Screenshot of Sales Insights region in Application
Composer with the Show link highlighted
  9. Click Save and Close, then Done.

  10. Publish the sandbox according to your company's business practices.