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Benefits of Integrating CX Sales with Slack

Slack is a team communication tool that facilitates synchronous communication across different devices.

You can set up the integration of your sales application with Slack, and this helps your company in the following ways:

  • A salesperson can view his top five opportunities on Slack by using any device, without having to sign in to your sales application. Only the opportunities that have a close date in the current quarter are considered. He can also take the following actions for each listed opportunity from Slack: log a call, create a task, or schedule a meeting.

  • A salesperson can also view the first five leads owned by him in the last three months on Slack. He can also view his first five accounts.

  • Notifications can be triggered to Slack users and channels when certain events occur on an object. For example, when an opportunity is closed.

For more information about setting up the integration of Slack with your sales application, see the Oracle CX Service Implementing B2B Service guide.