Import and Update Participant Details into Incentive Compensation

You can import participant details into incentive compensation using a template.

Here are the overall steps:

  1. Populate the import file.

  2. Import and update the participant details.

  3. Resolve any import errors.

  4. Verify the import results.

Note: The identified participants must already be registered users and imported into Incentive Compensation.

Populate and Upload the Import File

You can add and update participant details:

  1. Obtain the ICParticipantImportTemplate.xlsm file from Support document 2785163.1 to save it locally.

  2. Enter the participant details using the instructions and help included in the template.

  3. Upload the file using the instructions in the first tab of the file.

Caution: The Import and Update Participant Details process fails if you reorder or remove columns in your import file.

Import and Update Participant Details

Use the Import and Update Participant Details task in the Participant Assignments work area. The import consists of two child processes that import the data into these tables:

  1. Staging table

  2. Base incentive compensation participant tables

Resolve Import Errors

If either of the child processes fails, then the import process does these actions:

  • Deletes all rows that were loaded from the source file, even those rows that loaded successfully

  • Sets the status for the relevant child process to either Warning or Error and generates two log files:

    • One log contains all of the rows that have an error.

    • One log contains the error messages.

Use the Manage Scheduled Processes task to find and open the logs.

  1. Fix any data issues in your import file.

  2. Upload the edited file.

  3. Run the import process again.

Verify Import Results

Verify your import In the Participant Snapshot work area.

  1. Randomly search for and select various participants you imported new or revised details for.

  2. Use the Manage Participant Detail task to verify that the participant's details are as expected.