Error Codes

The following table describes the error codes in the REST API.
Topic Description
OSC-CREST-00000 For future use. No exception is associated with this error code.
OSC-CREST-00001 An unrecognized exception code was used.
OSC-CREST-00002 An unsupported HTTP method was used.
OSC-CREST-00003 An unsupported version of Connect REST API was used.
OSC-CREST-00004 An internal error associated with loading the requested version of Connect REST API occurred.
OSC-CREST-00005 An attempt to read a resource that cannot be read was made.
OSC-CREST-00006 An attempt to write a resource failed.
OSC-CREST-00007 An invalid query parameter was used.
OSC-CREST-00008 An internal error occurred during the processing of the request.
OSC-CREST-00009 A problem occurred when attempting to delete a resource.
OSC-CREST-00010 No POST data was found in the request.
OSC-CREST-00011 Bad JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) syntax was found in the request.
OSC-CREST-00012 A problem occurred when attempting to create a resource.
OSC-CREST-00013 The resource identified in the URI was not recognized.
OSC-CREST-00014 You're not authorized to use this site.
OSC-CREST-00015 The Connect REST API isn't enabled.
OSC-CREST-00016 The Connect REST API was accessed in a nonsupported manner.
OSC-CREST-00017 An unsupported language was requested.
OSC-CREST-00018 An attempt to read metadata of a primary object through a relationship was made. Reference to primary object metadata through a relationship isn't supported.
OSC-CREST-00019 An invalid value was found in a query parameter.
OSC-CREST-00020 Too many queries were found in the request. The maximum number of queries allowed is 20.
OSC-CREST-00021 No query was found in the request.
OSC-CREST-00022 The limit parameter value has exceeded the permissible limit. A maximum of 20,000 rows can be returned in a single request.
OSC-CREST-00023 The limit parameter must be passed in the query if the offset parameter is passed.
OSC-CREST-00024 Unrecognized query parameters were identified in the query.
OSC-CREST-00025 The request could not be understood by the server.
OSC-CREST-00026 The request that was submitted attempted to access a version that isn't available in Connect REST API.
OSC-CREST-00027 The limit parameter cannot be used if the fromId and toId parameters are used.
OSC-CREST-00028 You're forbidden to access this site.
OSC-CREST-00029 An error was found while parsing a multipart content-type form for a file attachment. Make sure that the payload follows the multipart/mixed content-type format as described in RFC1341 section 7.2.
OSC-CREST-00030 The media type given isn't recognized for this request.
OSC-CREST-00031 The server cannot generate content acceptable to the Accept headers of the request.
OSC-CREST-00032 The site is currently undergoing maintenance. Try your request later.
OSC-CREST-00033 The CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) request origin used isn't supported.