Manage Collections

You can use Oracle Service Cloud REST API to retrieve a single record or a collection of records for a resource. The following table lists the various operations that you can perform on a collection:

Operation Description
Filtering You can specify the data to be returned and displayed in the response. For some collections, you can use filter expressions to specify one or more conditions in the request URL. The record or records matching the conditions are returned in the response.


The filtering parameters depend on the operation, and not all collections support filtering. Please refer to the individual endpoint parameters in the Tasks section for more information.
Paginating You can limit the number of records that are displayed on a page in the response.
Sorting You can sort the records returned in a response using the orderBy query parameter.
Querying You can use query parameters to specify various conditions for retrieving resource records. You can also use RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL) queries to perform searches on the REST API. For more information on ROQL queries, see: