Retrieve collection of answerVersions




Supported Media Types
Query Parameters
  • Restrict which fields shall be returned. The value is a comma delimited string and each token is a field name
  • The requested page size, which limits the number of elements the collection should max return
  • The offset of the page. By default, offset is 0, which means first page will be returned.
  • Returns the count of elements as the given order. The value is a comma delimited string. Each token in the string is the name of the field, optionally followed by asc or desc.
  • Query parameter that allows searching by providing ROQL WHERE clause filtering
  • Indicates whether or not to calculate the totalResults property. By default, totalResults is not calculated.


Supported Media Types

Default Response

Body ()
Collection of answerVersions
Root Schema : answerVersions-collection
Type: object
Collection of answerVersions
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