4Configuring Knowledge Advanced for End Users

Configuring the Customer Portal

You must configure the Customer Portal so that:

  • End-users can access the Customer Portal.

  • End-users can access and execute a Knowledge Advanced search.

  • The Customer Portal can display Knowledge Advanced search results.

Information on configuring Customer Portal for Service Cloud is contained in the Service Cloud User Guide. See Documentation for Oracle Service Cloud Products (Answer ID 5168) to locate the relevant guide.

See Enabling Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal for complete information on configuring the Customer Portal to execute Knowledge Advanced searches and display Knowledge Advanced content.

Configuring Agent Desktop

You can configure Agent Desktop to add the Knowledge button to the Agent Desktop toolbar for groups of internal users, including support agents and other staff members. Agents and other internal users can use the Knowledge button to search for information on their desktop.

See Adding Knowledge Advanced to Users’ Agent Desktop for complete information.